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Evidence-Based Ways To Protect And Improve Your Health

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Evidence-Based Ways To Protect And Improve Your Health

Trying to build a healthy lifestyle and eating right can be a real challenge. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, even among those considered to be experts. Despite the ongoing controversy between these professionals, some things remain primarily undisputed. Each of them represents how you can strive to improve your overall health and work towards total wellness.

Evidence-Based Ways To Protect And Improve Your Health

Everyone knows some ways to improve your health, starting with limiting your sugar intake. An immense amount of sugar is introduced into our diets through sweetened teas, fruit juices, and sodas. Want a real surprise? Many fast food places add sugar to their bread and meats to make them more appealing. Corn syrup can be encountered almost everywhere as well. Considering how much-hidden sugar gets into our diets, it can pay to limit intake where we can. It can significantly reduce our risk of obesity, diabetes, and more.

Consider these other tips as well:

  • Eat more seeds and nuts – These lovely natural snacks are packed with minerals and vitamins, along with an abundance of protein and fiber. They’ve also been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Do take care to eat them in moderation. However, they’re also a source of fat.
  • Avoid Processed Foods – Foods that have undergone significant changes since they were first made are generally unhealthy. Frozen foods, canned foods, chips, snack cakes, and the like often have added salt, oils, and of course, sugar. These make it easy to overeat them, a real problem since they’re often empty calories.
  • Drink Coffee – This may sound odd, but coffee is packed with antioxidants. Coffee consumption has been shown to contribute to extended lifespans and lower risks of type 2 diabetes. There’s additional evidence that it may be able to protect from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  • Eat Fatty Fish – The fat found in fish is known to be relatively healthy for us. Omega-3 fatty acids are understood to be anti-inflammatory, and fish come with many other nutrients as well. They’re also a fantastic source of proteins.
  • Sleep Well – Sufficient sleep is critical to those trying to improve their health. A good night’s sleep benefits are numerous and include improving mental and physical performance and reducing appetite. It can also improve our insulin resistance.
  • Stay Hydrated – Water is an essential part of our health, and nothing entirely does it like pure water. We can receive water from many sources, but unaltered water is clear from any empty calories and contaminants for our body to process. It helps clean away toxins, keeps our skin looking young, aids in digestion, and even ensures our blood flows appropriately.

These are just a selection of health tips that can help you boost your health and live your best life. Your medical provider can provide many more.

Get More Healthy Living Tips From Your Health & Wellness Professional

Connecting with your medical provider can be an essential first step towards improving your health. They’ll answer questions and go over your lifestyle with you to find any places that could use improvement. With a bit of teamwork, dedication, and time you could be looking and feeling better than ever.

Dr. Anker

Dr. Anker brings a worldly outlook to medicine. No potential treatment is ignored as he uses modalities beyond the pharmacy. He brings love, compassion, as well as a critical and analytical mind to your care. Dr. Anker completed his residency training with the UC Davis Consortium for Medical Education in Family Medicine with an Integrative Medicine area of concentration.