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Understanding Pregnancy Acne and What To Do About It

Pregnant woman with acne

Understanding Pregnancy Acne and What To Do About It

Of all the trials women face during pregnancy, pregnancy acne may be the most frustrating. While harmless, this condition is the result of pregnancy hormones increasing sebum production. This oily, waxy substance is produced in your skin glands and usually helps to keep it healthy. In overabundance, however, it can cause breakouts, bacteria, and inflammation due to clogged pores. Thankfully, there are some all-natural ways to address concerns with pregnancy acne. With diligence and a little luck, you’ll be able to keep clear skin from conception to birth.

Understanding Pregnancy Acne and What To Do About It

Acne is a common occurrence during pregnancy, especially during the first couple of trimesters. Those who typically experience acne problems during menstruation are often more susceptible to this experience. The condition is temporary, most often ending with the birth of your child. If you’re suffering from pregnancy acne, try some of the following natural treatments to manage it.

  • Apple cider vinegar – a combination of one cup apple cider vinegar to three cups distilled water creates a wonderful toner. The naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids and enzymes in the vinegar will clear excess sebum away. Just dip a cotton ball in the dilution and apply it to your skin. Be careful, though; some people experience additional dryness with this technique.
  • Baking Soda – Oil on the skin can be dried using baking soda. Unfortunately, it can also be irritating to sensitive skin and eliminate protective oils. It’s often best when used as a spot treatment for trouble areas. Make a mixture of one tablespoon water and one tablespoon baking soda. Apply it to your pimples, allow it to dry, and remove.
  • Citrus Fruit – Lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits are rich in alpha-hydroxy acid. Applying their juices to your skin can help shed dead skin and unclog pores. While an excellent astringent and exfoliant, take care that it doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • Honey – Honey has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Begin with a warm face wash to cleanse away oil and dirt. Then apply honey directly to your face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it away thoroughly with warm water.
  • Coconut Oil – A light layer of virgin coconut oil can help moisturize your skin while you sleep. You’ll also benefit from its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

In addition to these natural solutions for pregnancy acne, consider the following advice as well.

  • Don’t overwash your skin; it drains it of moisture.
  • Use warm or tepid water to wash your face, not hot water.
  • Don’t scrub when you can pat your skin dry. It aggravates the skin.

Get Healthcare Tips From Your Health Specialists

Your health care provider can be a source of endless information. They’ll have more tips to help you prevent pregnancy acne. These can range from dietary choices to ways to care for your skin to ease breakouts. They’ll also tell you what you can avoid ensuring you aren’t increasing the severity of pregnancy acne. Schedule a consultation with them today to keep your skin glowing and beautiful throughout your pregnancy.

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