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Dr. Anker is dedicated to providing high quality private medical care for you and your family.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our approach to medicine is careful, methodical and personalized. Our mission is to maintain and nourish health where it is found and appropriately diagnose and treat disease when needed. We strive to lower the global cost of healthcare by ordering tests with precision and prescribing medicine minimally. We believe in simple inexpensive interventions that keep patients naturally healthy and happy: family, community, movement, and nutrition.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Anker attempts to draw a global perspective into the realm of medicine, often exploring several therapeutic options, drawing upon modalities that include conventional pharmaceutical approaches as well as lifestyle measures. He has a profound passion for the field of medicine, unwavering compassion for patients, and an astute, analytical intellect when navigating your healthcare.

Dr. Thomas Anker

"Dr. Anker was very kind and patient with me. He made me feel relaxed and decreased my stress."

Dr. Thomas Anker

"Dr. Anker was not only efficient and helpful but he was very friendly and you could tell he really cared!! Dr. Anker is amazing! "

A Full Scope of Medical Care

Services for the Entire Family

Omic Wellness focuses on the individual patient and their unique needs. Patient’s feel listened to and cared for. The kind of medical care you expect from your doctor’s office.

Dr. Anker can effectively diagnose and treat your needs in a friendly and timely manner while delivering individualized attention at all times.

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