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Complete health may be our long-term goal, but our immediate priority is the patient comfort. We do our best to facilitate a relaxing and non-threatening office environment you’ll want to return to again and again. This includes the implementation of multiple techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and minimize anxiety.

Omic Wellness aims to restore the ideal and necessary qualities that have regrettably faded in the doctor-patient relationship. We strive to actively listen, genuinely care, and engage in hands-on, unhurried care, practicing the often-neglected art of medicine. While our medical practices are modern, our approach embodies the timeless principles of traditional medicine.

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Family Medicine in Sacramento providing virtual care across California.

Personalized Care

At Omic Wellness, we prioritize personalized care for individuals of all ages and with various medical conditions. Our approach to medical attention is meticulous and detail-oriented, ensuring that each patient receives tailored treatment. We recognize the uniqueness of every individual, and no two patients are treated alike.

Integrative Medical Care

At Omic Wellness, we truly embody the concept of integrative medicine by seamlessly integrating Western Medicine with various modalities from around the world, including local historical practices that utilize botanicals and herbs. Our approach is evidence-based, ensuring that we prioritize scientifically proven methods. In addition, we integrate lifestyle medicine, genomic medicine, and osteopathy, creating a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare.

Osteopathic Medicine

At our medical clinic, we are proud to offer a specialized branch of medicine known as osteopathic medicine. With a strong focus on the interconnectivity of the body’s systems, osteopathic medicine emphasizes the relationship between the structure and function of the body. Dr. Anker utilizes a hands-on approach to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness and injury. Through gentle manipulation and manual techniques, they aim to restore balance, optimize health, and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. At our clinic, you can expect to receive comprehensive and personalized osteopathic care that addresses your unique needs and promotes overall well-being.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine traditionally spans an entire scope of practice. It includes obstetrics, pediatrics, adult medicine, surgery, geriatrics, and end-of-life care.

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine keeps people well. Omic Wellness discusses with patients the evidence-based recommendations for cancer and other illness screening at all appropriate ages.

Immediate Care

Immediate Care provides our patient with last minute visits for symptoms that cannot wait. This includes virtual visits and in-house visits for anything from urinary discomfort to a bad cut needing stitches. We are here for you.