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Why You Need Vitamin D This Winter

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Why You Need Vitamin D This Winter

Getting sufficient Vitamin D can be a challenge as the days get shorter and the nights longer. There’s no point in the year when getting enough minerals and vitamins aren’t essential to good health. However, winter presents certain specific struggles that make getting Vitamin D more difficult. The biggest factor is the absence of the sun. Our bodies are designed to produce their own Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. With the sun spending more time below the horizon during this time of year, other measures are often needed to get enough of this important mineral.

Why You Need Vitamin D

There are numerous functions performed by Vitamin D in our body. There was a point when this nutrient was thought to only be used in building bones and strong teeth. As years have gone by, we’ve learned that it does so much more than this. It turns out it’s involved in the health of our nerves, our bones, muscles, and immune system. It’s also directly tied to the health of our blood vessels and has a role to play in preventing heart disease. Needless to say, not getting enough of this necessary nutrient can cause significant concerns.

  • Eat Smart – One way to get enough Vitamin D is to sneak it in as part of your daily meals. Cheese, eggs, mushrooms, tuna, pork, and any dairy-based product will provide significant levels of vitamin D.
  • Get Outside – While the sun may not be in the sky as much this time of year, it still shines. If you can get outside while it’s above the horizon, you can still benefit from it. Just make sure you get to spend at least 15-30 minutes each day in the sun. This will get you all the Vitamin D you need for that day.
  • Supplements Are King – There are a number of health supplements that you can take to get any vitamin D you may be missing in your diet. There are multiple dosage sizes, with the majority of them being available without a prescription. Just follow the directions closely and be careful to stay under the recommended dosages.

Another amazing benefit of Vitamin D is its ability to protect your teeth and gums. It does this by battling the bacteria that are responsible for causing gum disease. Research has shown it’s capable of doing this both in the oral cavity and in the bloodstream. If you have a family history of issues with the heart, then you want to make sure you get enough vitamin D to limit your risk.

Speak To Your Health Provider For Additional Guidance

Getting enough Vitamin D to keep healthy can be a struggle for many people. Thankfully even if you’re lactose intolerant, you can spend some extra time out in the sun to compensate. During the winter, you may want to consult with your medical practitioner. They’ll be able to determine if you’re suffering from any deficiencies and suggest ways to compensate for them. Make an appointment day to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

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