Cancer Screening

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Cancer Screening

At our clinic, we prioritize evidence-based medicine and adhere to the cancer screening guidelines set forth by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF). These guidelines are established based on comprehensive research and expert recommendations to ensure the highest standard of care. By following these guidelines, we can provide our patients with reliable and effective cancer screening practices that align with the latest scientific evidence. Our commitment to USPSTF guidelines reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare and promoting early detection, ultimately improving the chances of successful treatment and positive patient outcomes.

Additionally , we are at the forefront of advanced medical screening technologies, including the groundbreaking genetic cancer screening offered by This innovative screening method utilizes cutting-edge genomic sequencing techniques to detect early signs of cancer and assess an individual’s risk profile. By analyzing specific genetic markers associated with various types of cancer, we can identify potential abnormalities and provide early intervention strategies for improved patient outcomes. Our partnership with enables us to offer this state-of-the-art screening, providing our patients with proactive and personalized cancer risk assessment that can significantly impact early detection and treatment. With this revolutionary approach, we are committed to empowering individuals in their journey towards optimal health and well-being.

When Should I Begin Cancer Screening?

The specific time when you should begin being screened regularly for cancer is determined by the specifics of your medical history and family history with cancer.  When you begin will also be determined by the type of cancer being screened for.  Meeting with your physician and going over your medical history is the only way to be certain when the best time is for you to begin your cancer screening.

Breast Cancer Screening

Women who have reached 40 years of age should speak to their physician about getting regular breast cancer screening, with those between the ages of 45-54 getting screened annually.  After this point it’s typical for screenings to be rolled back to once every two years, rate that will continue for as long as you’re in good health.  Your physician may recommend that you begin being screened earlier than this if:

  • You carry the BRCA-1 or 2 mutation, or have an immediate relative that does.
  • Have a family history of breast cancer
  • You or a relative have Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba, Cowden, or Li-Fraumeni syndromes.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening for cervical cancer generally begins at the age of 21, with the specific method used being determined by age.  Cervical cancer is commonly caused by a virus known as HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus. Common methods used to screen for cervical cancer include:

  • Age 21-29 – Pap smears every 3 years with HPV testing after abnormal results.
  • Age 30-65 – Pap smears every 5 years with an HPV test, or just a pap smear every 3 years.
  • Over 65 – If tested regularly over the past 10 years for cervical cancer no further testing is needed.  Those who have shown signs of pre-cancerous conditions should continue being tested for 20 years.

Women who have had their cervix removed for reasons unrelated to cervical cancer, and who have no previous indicators of cervical cancer no longer need to be tested.  Women who have received the HPV vaccination should continue to receive pap smears as indicated above.

Screening for other forms of cancer may be done based on your providers discretion or at your request.  Regular cancer screenings are an essential part of maintaining life-long health and catching cancer early enough for it to be treated.  If you’d like to speak to one of our practitioners about getting screened for cancer, or just want to schedule a regular checkup, call our offices today.  Our team works with the local community to provide comprehensive women’s health care services, and are ready to welcome you to our patient family.

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