Pricing Policy


Welcome to Omic Wellness.

For clarity and transparency, we would like to provide you with our payment policy.

Cash-pay patients:

  • New Patient visit $250
  • Follow-up visits $125

Below is our fee schedule and policy for patients who choose to utilize insurance.

  • New patient visits billed to insurance range $380-$500
  • Follow-up visits billed to insurance range $200-$300
Patients will be invoiced for any balance not covered by your insurance company. Please understand that in many instances, your insurance may not cover any portion of your visit. Contact your insurance provider to understand more about your coverage. 
If you are required to pay for any portion of your visit due to a high deductible or a decline of payment by your insurance company, Omic Wellness will provide a 50% courtesy discount of our posted insurance rate.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further explanation.

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